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Since 2001, my company Declutter123 has helped people declutter, organize and make beautiful the place they call home.


About Donna

I grew up in Southport, Connecticut, playing at my dad's workbench. He hung each tool on a big piece of plywood above the bench. With a pen, he traced each tool so you not only knew where each one lived... you knew which direction it faced! I thought that was the greatest thing in the world! 

When I moved to NYC, my friends would enter my apartment and say, "Wow, it's so... peaceful in here. Can you help me do this to my place?" Of course, I helped. The word spread quickly without me doing a thing. My background in real estate, party planning, home repair and theater has provided me with important tools to help all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. But the most important thing I bring  to my work is the conviction that every home can be beautiful and clutter-free.

Before and After






I work with you to declutter and organize every area of your home. Closets, bookcases, kitchens... you name it! We'll make every area of your home beautiful and functional while creating a simple-to-follow organizing system that fits your lifestyle. A system that keeps working long after we're done working together.

Donna is an activator! Her ability to help others is a true gift.
— P.M., West Village


For an office to work well, it has to be set up properly. If you run a business from your home or simply pay bills and use your computer, it must be set up using a system that helps you get everything done efficiently. An organized office is a life changer.

Donna was so patient. She helped me sort things I’ve needed to clear out for years.
— T.N., Upper East Side

Storage Solutions

I'll help you figure out the most efficient way to use your storage space. Easy, practical solutions will allow you to find and access everything you own.
It's great when you can actually find things!

When guests come over, I show them my closets and they’re jealous!
— R.H. Soho

Home Staging

When that potential buyer walks through the door, it takes them three seconds to decide whether they like it or not. If there's ANY clutter, that's what they focus on... not your home. Staging transforms your home into the place they WANT to live.
I quickly declutter and organize, then style your space. Every $1 you spend on this process shows you a return of $30. Invest in marketing the most expensive thing you'll ever sell. 

After Donna’s staging, we had four offers above asking within a week.
— L.H., Tribeca


"Donna completely transformed my messy, unorganized apartment into a clean, relaxing place that I love to come home to. I tell her after every visit, 'You did it again, you made my apartment bigger!'
J.D. Park Slope  

"I was moving and needed to sell my apartment. I was overwhelmed till Donna stepped in and helped me declutter. Donna rolls up her sleeves and gets right in there, making sense of it all. Then she staged my apartment using all my own furnishings. It looked so good, I thought twice about moving. The broker was thrilled! I never, never could have done it without Donna. P.S. She's a lot of fun to work with!"       
R.T. Tudor City

"We were hesitant to spend the money on an organizer, thinking we could do it ourselves. But we've been saying that for years! Donna helped us sort through the clutter. By the end of a four-hour session, a totally unmanageable closet was fully organized."     
J.T. Upper East Side  

"Donna is fantastic! She is a master at organizing, purging, and teaching you how to do these things for yourself. Kind, compassionate and extremely patient."     
S.L. Brooklyn  

"Donna asks all the right questions. She also works great with kids and helped my kids get rid of five huge bags of toys. They absolutely loved working with her."     
P.R. Upper East Side  

"Donna helped me clear out a spectacularly jam-packed house which I inherited. She gently coached me through the emotional stumbling blocks of determining what to do with my deceased loved ones' personal items. I have learned to organize with an efficiency and ease I've never known before." 
T.W. Hoboken  

"Having to downsize forty years of stuff immobilized me. Then Donna came into my life. She's the consummate professional: punctual, hardworking, sympathetic with a touch of firmness. She also has a great sense of humor.
C.T. Upper East Side   

"I had to sell my home quickly. It was an amazing experience — tiring, intense, and so very worth it. Twenty-one hours of intense work later, they photographed my home and I didn't recognize it when I saw the listing. I never could have gotten this result on my own.
D.R. Tribeca  

"I am sixteen years old and very messy. I'm never in the mood to clean my room. Donna taught me how to organize and how to keep clean for a really long time. My room has been neat for six months now! It was the best choice my mom ever made for me.
C.H. Staten Island 



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